Department of Development Studies

Abhishek Bhosale

Key information

Department of Development Studies PhD researcher
B.Sc. (India), M.A. In Journalism and Mass Communication (India), MA in International Relations (India).
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Thesis title
Land For Emancipation: Development with Dignity and Dalit Land Struggle in India
Internal Supervisors
Professor Jens Lerche & Dr Subir Sinha


Abhishek Bhosale is an Indian researcher specializing in development and communication. He has worked as an Assistant Professor, teaching Journalism and Communication at various universities in India from 2016 to 2022. Abhishek has a strong background in writing about important issues such as caste, gender, and development in India. His previous research focused on the struggles, conflicts, and media representation of India’s Dalit and Adivasi communities. Additionally, he actively participates in grassroots movements to promote media literacy and democratize the media. Abhishek was awarded a fellowship from ITS Surabaya to attend the Commtech camp in Indonesia, where he explored sustainable development. He has also made significant contributions to prestigious media outlets in India, covering topics such as the water crisis, development disparities, gender and caste relations, atrocities against Dalits, the film society movement in Kerala, and journalism during times of conflict in Kashmir. Abhishek is known for his critical commentaries on contemporary media, which he shares in his Sunday column called 'Media Mania'. He serves on the review committee of a bilingual communication journal called 'Media Messenger' and is a lifetime member of the Indian Association for Women Studies. Additionally, he is a member of the consulting editorial team at Indie Journal, a prominent media outlet in India.

Research interests

Caste, Land and Development in India, Anti-Caste Struggles, Development Communication.