Dr Desmond Cheung

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Key information

Senior Teaching Fellow in Chinese Studies
BA (Cambridge), MA (SOAS), PhD (University of British Columbia)
Russell Square: College Buildings
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020 7898 4188


Desmond Cheung (張海浩) is a historian of imperial China with a focus on the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). He is currently completing a book on the creation and meanings of the famous sites of Hangzhou during the Ming. He is also working on a second book project on the history of locust control in imperial China. His publications include articles on locust control, Ming city walls, the history of Christianity in China, and Chinese World War II films.


Desmond has over a decade of experience teaching a wide range of university courses on China and East Asia. He joined SOAS as a Senior Teaching Fellow in Chinese Studies in 2021. He teaches Classical & Literary Chinese and contributes to modules on East Asian history and culture.

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