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Professor Elizabeth Moore

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Department of History of Art and Archaeology Emeritus Professor Food Studies Centre Member, SOAS Food Studies Centre
Department of History of Art and Archaeology
BA (Pomona), PhD(London)
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Research interests

Emergence and sustenance of the sacred landscape in Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand; remote sensing, the environment and culture; social memory in mainland material culture.

Current Research

Current research focuses on the arts of Myanmar (Burma), particularly the emergence and maintenance of the Hindu-Buddhist landscape. Previous remote sensing and survey work in Thailand and at Angkor in Cambodia also considered patterns of terrain adaptation and veneration. Ongoing writing includes a survey of pre- and proto-historic Burma (Myanmar), the relationship of the so-called Pyu, Mon and Dvaravati cultures, and the role of visual culture in sustaining social memory of legendary places.


Dr Moore has undertaken research in Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, and Thailand. Prior to completing her PhD at the Institute of Archaeology (UCL) she worked in Nairobi, Jakarta and Singapore. Since joining SOAS in 1992, she has developed a broad-based undergraduate and graduate syllabus for Southeast Asian art and archaeology, including ancient and contemporary aspects of mainland and island areas.

PhD Supervision

Name Title
Miss Daphne Ang The Production and Patronage of Portraiture in Colonial Singapore
Dr Lesley S Pullen
Ms Sinead Ward The Kammavacca Manuscript in Burma


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