Crackdowns and Containment: K-culture and markets in North Korea under Covid

Key information

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Russell Square: College Buildings

About this event

In this talk, Peter Ward will present fresh research undertaken as part of a recent paper to be published by the Korean Development Institute (KDI) about the contrasting approaches that the North Korean regime is taking to consumption and distribution of foreign content compared to other markets in North Korea today.

Utilizing a close reading of recent laws passed by North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly, he will discuss how key concepts developed in the literature on comparative authoritarianism in political science helps us to make sense of the changing contours of North Korea's changing survival strategy.

About the speaker

Peter Ward is a leading researcher at Kookmin University's Institute of Korean Studies, and an incoming Research Fellow at the Sejong Institute's Center for Korean Peninsula Strategy. His work is focused on North Korean politics, political economy, and South Korean public opinion. 

He holds a PhD from the University of Vienna's Chair of East Asian Economy and Society (EcoS), an MA in sociology from Seoul National University, and a BA in Korean History from Korea University.