The Iranian Diaspora and the dynamics of Muharram rituals in Mumbai

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5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Russell Square: College Buildings

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Reza Masoudi (SOAS)

My talk is about the dynamics of Muharram rituals during the 19th-20th century, articulating how the current Muharram rituals have been constituted, and explaining why Iranians had left such a major effect on the Muharram rituals. The rituals are aimed at commemorating the tragic martyrdom of grandson of Prophet Mohammad, Hussein, in the 7th century. Iranians are one of the smallest communities among Shi'a-Muslims in Mumbai; however they have a major effect on Shi'i culture and rituals. Throughout history, Iranians have ever immigrated to India, however I will focus on Iranian Shi’a Muslims, often called Moghul in Mumbai

Organiser: Paru Raman

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