Tara’s Footprint, 2018

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1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Russell Square: College Buildings
Khalili Lecture Theatre

About this event

Tara’s Footprint, 2018, 71 min. By Georgina Barreiro

Tara's Footprint skilfully conjures the atmosphere of Khechuperi, a sacred village in the Himalayas in NE India, occupied by the Bhatia people. Eschewing standard exposition, we meet inhabitants in snatched vignettes and tableaux, gradually piecing together relationships and values that structure it. Creative expression emerges as central to daily life; here traditional Buddhist music interweaves with Bollywood movies to create a wonderfully hybrid artistic space. The younger generation receive our particular attention: a young man strides around purposefully in Levis, talking about tourism industry and politics; young boys looking a little bored in Buddhist school; young girls earnestly preparing dances for an upcoming talent show. Beautifully shot, Tara’s Footprint leads its audience with the patience of an ethnographer towards understanding a community.