Territories that won't be left behind: Wellbeing and Planning in Nuquí (Webinar)

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5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Virtual Event

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Julián Idrobo (University of BC, formerly UniAndes)

Through a tour of the rural and urban areas of Nuquí, this documentary shows the meaning of living well for the local population and how, through their own planning initiatives, they have built their territory and defend their right to stay in it. It portrays different dimensions of everyday life in Nuquí from the perspective of its local economy and those who practice it. This documentary is the result of research led by Diana Gómez and Julián Idrobo from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Development Studies (Los Andes University, Colombia) between 2018 and 2020.

This is part of a webinar series "Intensifying Inequalities and the Limitations of Global Capitalism", organised by the SOAS Department of Economics.

Speaker: Julián Idrobo (University of BC, formerly UniAndes)

Discussant: Maria Faciolince (Oxfam)

The webinar is open to all and there is no need for registration. All our webinars are recorded and will be made available on this webpage at a later date.