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Professor Gina Heathcote

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School of Law, Gender and Media Professor of Law School of Law, Gender and Media Convenor, LLM & MA International Law (Terms 2 & 3) Convenor, MA in Gender Studies and Law Centre for Human Rights Law Member
BA LLB (ANU); LLM (Westminster); PhD (London)
Russell Square: College Buildings
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+44 (0)20 7898 4367
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Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11:00- 12:00


PhD Supervision

Name Title
Ms Haya Al -Noaimi ‘The Protectors of Our Nation’: Discourses of Protection and the Construction of Masculinities in the Qatari and Emirati Militaries
Sara Bertotti Between Law and Peace: a Critical Study of the Relationship between Peace Agreements, Law and Socio-political Change
Ms Caroline Nadine D'Oyen-Fitchett Black Women’s Experiences of Prison in the UK: Towards a Post Slavery Analysis
Alice Finden Everyday state violence: a queer historical analysis of Anglo/Egyptian counter-terrorism and emergency law
Dr Alaya Forte New forms of political inclusion or mere tokenism? Reading political representation from a gender and minority perspective in British and French government (working title)
Biye Gao Gender, Class and Reproduction in Post-Socialist Rural China (working title)
Xia'nan Jin Women's political life in post-genocide Rwanda (working title)
Ms Emily Jones Feminist Cyborgs and Gods: International Law, Humanism and the limits of the Global Order
Ms Akanksha Mehta Negotiating Space on the 'Right': The everyday politics of Hindu Nationalist and Zionist settler women in India and Israel-Palestine
Faiza Rehman The Intersection of Corporate Accountability and Environmental Liability: Towards Promoting Sustainable Transnational Environmental Protection in the Extractive Industry
Paola Zichi Thesis (Working) Title: On Feminist Approaches to Self-Determination in Mandatory Palestine


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