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The School of Law is the only one of its kind in the UK that is dedicated to legal systems and legal challenges of the developing world, with complementary strengths in human rights, international law and institutions, environmental law and international trade and commerce.

We have unrivalled expertise and produce world-leading research in comparative law (China, Africa, South/South-East Asia, the Middle East), complemented by specialists in international and transnational law, human rights, transnational commercial law, environmental law and socio-legal method.

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There is no law school like SOAS. Our stats speak for themselves - 1st in REF research outputs, top 10 in the UK for Research Quality in Law (Complete University Guide 2023), top 5 in London for Law (Complete University Guide 2023) - but they don't tell the whole story. Whether you come for an LLB, BA, LLM/MA, or PhD you'll find a unique legal educational experience anchored in and focussed on the Global South, on post-colonial legal geographies, and on diversity and inequality. And you'll be exposed to Law at multiple scales, in all sorts of places and spaces: the globalised economic order, the multipolar inter-sovereign order and the teeming hyperspace of normative orders, from constitutional to customary. Diversity is not a box we tick, it’s our core identity: we embrace it in our students, we embody it in our staff, we study it in our research, and we reflect it in our teaching.

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1st in UK

REF 2021 (Research Outputs)

6th in UK

REF 2021

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