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Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

Welcome to the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

With over 30 years experience in research and distance learning education, CeDEP seeks to address some of the greatest challenges of our times: how to satisfy the aspirations of a rapidly growing global population, including eradicating the poverty still experienced by many of these people, whilst at the same time managing the environmental systems and resources on which life and wellbeing depend.

These challenges are inter-related in complex ways, with important ethical, political, economic, social and technical dimensions, and at CeDEP we recognise the need for informed professionals with the inter-disciplinary skills to tackle these issues effectively.  

Our academic staff undertake research in the fields of agricultural economics, rural development, environmental economics, poverty reduction, sustainability, climate change and development. They have extensive international experience in research, which is published and shared with decision-makers and opinion-formers worldwide. Watch these short videos to get an insight into their research interests.

In addition, CeDEP acts as Secretariat for the SOAS Climate Action Group, SOAS membership of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), to which SOAS has accredited Observer status.

The distance learning programmes at CeDEP are part of the University of London worldwide programmes, a global community with a unique network of students from more than 150 countries.

A special message from the Department of Development Studies

The Department of Development Studies send good wishes and a keep well message to all prospective students during this global existential crisis.

We welcome new applications for study in any of the PGT degrees offered in our department and we extend a warm welcome to offer holders. We assure all of you that we remain committed to running our programmes and ensuring you complete your studies.

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Nadine R. Abi Zeid Daou, Centre for Development, Environment and Policy Student Profile