SOAS University of London

Apply to SOAS University of London in UCAS Clearing 2020

Apply to SOAS University of London in UCAS Clearing 2020

Whether you're still looking for a university place, or you've changed your mind about your existing choices, Clearing is your chance to find your ideal course at your perfect university. 
SOAS offers a wide selection of diverse courses and specialist knowledge, a world-class library, and a cultural melting pot - all from a central location in the heart of London. Apply through Clearing - and make your future at SOAS.
If you wish to speak to a staff member about Clearing, please feel free to contact us at
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What is Clearing and Adjustment?

Clearing allows students who are not holding a university place to explore the options available to them to find a programme for 2020. It gives students the possibility of seeing if there are degree programmes with vacancies which may be suited to them. It also allows students to make late applications, so if you have only recently decided you are interested in coming to university in 2020, it is not too late.
Find out more about Clearing by reading our student story on our blog.
Adjustment allows students who have achieved better higher than expected results to upgrade to a different degree. The Adjustment option is not available through UCAS until 15th August but if you have already achieved results which are better than you expected you can start looking at the options available to you now. 

Entry to SOAS using contextual information

  • Are you the first generation in your family to go to university?
  • Is your household income less than £25,000?
  • Have you taken part in an outreach activity organised by a university?
  • Do you have any experience of local authority care?

If so, there may be the possibility of some small flexibility with the grades we can accept. 

Find out more about Entry to SOAS using contextual information

Virtual Open Days

Our virtual undergraduate open days and webinars will allow you to learn more about our academic programmes and the SOAS student experience.
You'll get a taste of the specialist subjects we offer, which means you'll have a better idea of what to expect if you apply to SOAS through Clearing.
You can view our undergraduate webinars here.


SOAS offers both private and intercollegiate halls for our Undergraduate students. Many of our first year students also choose to rent private accommodation. Coming through Clearing, it's not too late for you to find accommodation you are happy with. 
You can find out more about accommodation options by visiting our accommodation page.


It is important to tell Student Finance as soon as possible that you will be studying at SOAS - please be sure to use the generic degree group (as seen here) rather than the actual name of your chosen degree. More information on degree titles and other funding queries can be found on our finance pages