150 Mind at University

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Year 1
Term 1
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Module overview

This module offers practical guidance and analytical tools for making your way through your first year of studies and beyond, using anthropological methods to understand the many factors that shape students' intellectual and social life at university.

Through weekly workshops, we will explore and develop independent perspectives on and approaches to multiple aspects of higher education: relationships and institutions that make up the contemporary university; education as a form of empowerment; stresses and strains of student life; factors that can encourage or limit a sense of belonging; student and staff activism; the purpose of higher education itself; and much more.

Building on real-life case studies, interactive learning activities, role-playing exercises, and collaborative discussion, you will learn to apply the critical tools of anthropology to reflect on your own student journey and identity as you move through this new social and institutional domain.


Guided option, open exclusively to Year 1 students on the single-honours BA Social Anthropology.


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