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Advanced Phonology

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Term 2

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the module, a student should be able to demonstrate…

  • The ability to identify and analyse a range of different phonological processes
  • The ability to evaluate different phonological theories
  • A good understanding of the role of morphology in phonology
  • The ability to provide morpho-phonological analyses of different processes in different languages


Total of 10 weeks teaching with 2 hours classroom contact per week consisting of a 2 hour lecture.

Scope and syllabus

This module is devoted to the study of principle-based phonological theories. Emphasis is given to most recent developments in this area. Topics include: constituent structure, principles and parameters of phonological theories, theories of segmental representation. Some discussion will be devoted to morpho-phonology and especially to the notion of minimal words, stress, affixation and its visibility to phonology.

Method of assessment

An essay/data analysis of 3,500 word essay to be submitted on day 1, week 1, in the term after which the module is taught (100%).  

Suggested reading

Most of the readings will be articles and their choice will depend on the topics discussed. Most of them will be available from the lecturer or from the web.

Some articles appeared in the following books/journals:

  • (1995). Frontiers of phonology, Durand & Katamba (eds), Longman.
  • (1990) Phonology 7.2, CUP.
    Phonology CUP.
  • Structure and interpretation studies in phonology (Cyran e. ed.), Pase, Studies & monographs. Vol 4, Pase, Lublin.
  • SOAS Working papers in Linguistics


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