Consumer Behaviour (UG)

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Module overview

For international companies to achieve significant competitiveness in the marketplace, it is important that managers understand consumer behaviour.

This module, therefore, discusses the internal processes that occur within consumers´ minds as well as external processes that influence consumers’ experience, engagements and relationships with international companies/brands. Knowledge of how these processes can be useful for choosing marketing strategies is attained through the theoretical models and practical examples discussed during the lectures and seminars. The module is designed to develop students’ understanding of the specific models and concepts necessary when evaluating and analysing consumer behaviour. Such analysis of consumer behaviour is not limited to the consumers themselves but also extended to their interactivities with various external institutions and entities as well as analysing cultural and contextual forces that help shape consumer behaviour.

The module also contributes to consumer analysis using examples from international marketing and consumer research. This is essential, as consumers’ buying decisions reflect how well the international company’s marketing strategy meets demands in different international markets. The module focuses on three core analysis of consumer behaviour. These are internal psychological processes within consumers’ mind, interactive processes between consumers and marketing communications, and international processes that differ based on cultural and contextual situations. The module employs variety of theoretical and practical sources that are aimed at facilitating students’ learning and enriching their experience within lectures and seminars.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

Upon completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Describe the psychological models and processes that underpin consumer behaviour
  • Understand the key theories in analysing and explaining modes of purchasing and consumption
  • Discuss and critically evaluate consumer behaviour in different contexts
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of consumer behaviour to international marketing situations


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