Dissertation in the traditions of Yoga and Meditation

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Department of Religions and Philosophies

Module overview

Objectives and learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student should have acquired:

  • Research skills through the completion of a long, written assignment based on a combination of primary (in translation) and secondary sources
  • Knowledge and  understanding  of  the  traditions  of  yoga  and  meditation developed in one or more of the religions of South Asia, Tibet and East Asia
  • Skills  in  researching  and  writing  about  topics  connected  with  yoga  and meditation that identify cross-cultural borrowing and religious interaction between the religious communities of South Asia, Tibet and East

Scope and syllabus

This is a 10,000-word research project on a topic linked to the course chosen  as a major in this MA. The dissertation is normally written over the summer period, and submitted in September. The dissertation provides an opportunity for individual research into a topic central to the traditions of yoga and meditation developed in South Asia, Tibet or East Asia.

The School’s proximity to several national repositories holding valuable source material on these traditions (eg. The British Library, British Museum), together with the presence  of a  number  of prominent  yoga/meditation  centres  in Central London as venues of fieldwork, greatly enhances the potential for dissertation research.

Method of assessment

  • Research presentation , 20 minutes (10%)
  • 10,000 word essay (90%)

Word count is defined as the number of words contained in the submitted work including quotations, footnotes, titles, abstracts, summaries and tables of contents. Appendices and bibliographies are not included in the word count. Appendices will not normally be marked and they must not include material essential to the argument developed in the main body of the work.


Guidelines for preparation of Masters dissertations

Postgraduate Taught Degree Dissertation Guidelines


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