Evaluation Methods for Economic Policy

Key information

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FHEQ Level
Department of Economics

Module overview

This is a module designed specifically to address the distinctive needs of political economy of development. It not only covers standard topics in econometrics and quantitative research skills, but also gives practical training in using survey data, understanding sampling techniques and qualitative statistical methods. This module forms part of requirements of doctoral training in Economics and International Development. The aims of Statistical Research Techniques are threefold:

  1. to introduce students to statistical inference and a range of statistical tests;
  2. to encourage clear and coherent expression of statistical results;
  3. and to promote critical reading of statistics in economics and political economy.

The topics covered will include sampling methods, survey design, comparison of means, analysis of contingency tables, correlation and regression. The software package Stata will be used throughout the course. Open access computers at SOAS are available for students to complete the course work.