Hausa 2 (PG)

Key information

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Module overview

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the course, a student should be able to demonstrate . . .

  • knowledge and understanding of intermediate Hausa grammar
  • knowledge and understanding of a wide range of Hausa vocabulary
  • knowledge and understanding of the appropriateness of a wide range of Hausa structures and expressions in a given context
  • the ability to understand passages in written Hausa of medium length on everyday and some specialised topics
  • the ability to produce passages in written Hausa of medium length on everyday and some specialised topics
  • the ability to understand spoken Hausa and to engage in spoken discourse of medium complexity on everyday and some specialised topics
  • knowledge and understanding of the role of language in general, and Hausa in particular, in language-based scholarship and research - specific learning outcome for PG students


This course will be taught over 22 weeks with 4 hours classroom contact per week in language classes. 10 research seminars to be taken within SOAS.  Attendance to be proven by signature from chair and to be submitted to the Associate Dean for Masters by the last day of term 2.

Scope and syllabus

The course provides teaching and learning of intermediate level spoken and written Hausa, introducing more complex grammatical and lexical features as they occur in the graded materials. This will result in the kind of competence required for basic fieldwork and research into the language and culture of the Hausa-speaking peoples.
At a more general level, a series of specially designed postgraduate presentations/ seminars will focus on a number of related themes, some of them provided for students studying different languages, and including general language-based research and methodology.

Method of assessment

  • 30% mid-term oral presentation
  • 20% practical skill oral assessment
  • 30% end-of-term test
  • 20% end-of-term assignment
  • Exact deadlines are published on the Moodle/BLE module page.

Suggested reading

Basic textbook for the course:

Randell, Richard, Abdullahi Bature, and Russell G. Schuh. 1998. Hausar Baka (‘Gani Ya Kori Ji’): Elementary and Intermediate Lessons in Hausa Language and Culture. Windsor, California: World of Languages.

Additional in-house materials  will be made available.

Major grammars:

  • Jaggar, Philip J. 2001. Hausa: London Oriental and African Language
    Library 7. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins.
  • Newman, Paul. 2000. The Hausa Language: An Encyclopedic
    Reference Grammar. New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • Wolff, Ekkehard. 1993. Referenzgrammatik des Hausa: Hamburger
    Beiträge zur Afrikanistik, 2. Münster & Hamburg: Lit.


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