Independent Study Project in Asian Art History

Key information

Available each term both in-person and online
FHEQ Level
Department of History of Art and Archaeology

Module overview

The Independent Study Project in Asian Art History allows you to develop a focused project on a single topic in Asian Art history.

You will consolidate the skills and approaches you have developed throughout your programme, by applying them to a single output. Your output can be an essay (3000 words), an exhibition proposal with selected object catalogue entries (3000 words), an extended presentation (30 mins), or a guided tour of a museum gallery (30 mins).

You will work with a supervisor to select a topic, develop a formative proposal, select and appraise appropriate sources, and research and deliver your final output. 

This is an opportunity for you to pursue a singular, focused passion, communicating and consolidating your understanding, passion and critical engagement with the content of the SOAS-Alphawood Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art.

Course delivery

The Independent Study Project in Asian Art History includes five workshops that help you conceive, focus and develop your project, and six 30 minute 1-1 meetings with your supervisor.

This course is available in-person and online each term. We would recommend you take this course alongside your third and final module to complete the Postgraduate Diploma. However you can also opt to complete it in a future term, so long as you complete within your maximum registration period.

Assessment Methods

  • Annotated bibliography, 500 words (10%)
  • Final submission (3,000 words or 30 minute presentation) (90%)