Persian 1 A (PG)

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Module overview


This is a basic introductory language acquisition module for absolute beginners in the written and spoken language; students are not assumed to have any previous knowledge of the language.

The module covers several basic constructions of the language, enabling students to acquire basic skills in reading, writing, comprehension and speaking. Successful students will gain the ability to read and write short simple texts, and communicate on simple everyday topics.

The course also aims to gradually develop the receptive (listening) and productive (speaking) skills of a beginner in Persian.  Besides these skills, the course aims to equip the student with some basic knowledge of cultural issues closely entertwined with ‘Persia beyond Iran’ through the spread of the Persian language and culture in the wider Persianate world.

Students taking this module are strongly encouraged to also enrol onto Persian 1 B (PG) - 15PNMH017 in Term 2



Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


  1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic Persian grammar;
  2. show knowledge and understading, and use of a selected range of essential Persian vocabulary;
  3. demonstrate ability to read and understand a selected range of simple Persain passages;
  4. demonstrate ability to write simple sentences in Persian about selective, basic everyday topics;
  5. show ability to aurally comprehend spoken sentences about selective, basic everyday topics;
  6. show ability to produce spoken sentences about selective, basic everyday topics.


Total of 10 weeks teaching with 5 hours classroom contact per week in language classes.

Method of assessment

  • One mid-term test taken in Week 5, Term 1 (30%)
  • One end of term test taken in Term 1 (70%)
  • The exact assessment deadline dates are published on the relevant module Moodle/BLE page

Suggested reading

Students will be using Teach Yourself Modern Persian by Narguess Farzad along with supplementary material which will be both uploaded onto Moodle and given to the class as handouts.

Other useful titles:
  • L. P. Elwell-Sutton, Colloquial Persian, Routledge & Kegan Paul 1976
  • Leila Moshiri, Colloquial Persian (with cassette) , Routledge 1988
  • Wheeler M. Thackston, An Introduction to Persian , Iranbooks 1993
Dictionaries and Other Reference Books:
  • The New Unabridged English-Persian Dictionary , 5 volumes
  • A. Aryanpour-Kashani, Persian-English, English-Persian Dictionaries
  • Haim, English-Persian, Persian-English Dictionaries
  • Hooshang Amuzegar, A Dictionary of Common Persian and English Verbs (with Persian synonyms and examples) , Payam Publishers 1988


Ms Narguess Farzad


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