Understanding the Modern World

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Module overview

This module aims to provide students with a broad background of knowledge about European and World society to enhance their understanding of their elective specialisms. The module takes a global perspective and exposes students to a wide range of issues and examples in order to explore the development of key aspects of the modern world. If examines the social, economic and political changes that the world has undergone, and identifies the forces that have influenced the global order. It then reflects on more recent social trends, and the effect of globalisation on modern society. It also challenges students to re-assess their pre-existing views and encourages them to adopt a broader outlook when considering global affairs.

Topics studied include:

  • Industrialisation and urbanisation
  • The development of liberal democracy
  • Empires and colonialism
  • Nationalism, revolution and wa
  • Religion, science and secularisation
  • Gender and the family
  • Globalisation and multiculturalism


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