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SOAS is a world-renowned academic institution, uniquely positioned to analyse, interpret and respond to some of the most challenging issues facing your organisation today. Our focus on the politics, languages, cultures and societies of Africa, Asia and the Middle East—we have the largest concentration of such expertise in Europe—means that there has never been a more important time to engage with SOAS’s research and global networks.

The Enterprise team is here to link up governments, business, NGOs and other organisations with the wealth of expertise SOAS has to offer, and to ensure through wide-ranging and flexible support that each client’s needs are fully understood and met. We ensure every step of your partnership runs smoothly, and work with you to identify and access further funding, advise on legal and contractual issues, broker relationships and provide general support for the project.

SOAS also supports students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and launch sustainable enterprises through delivering diverse enterprise activities throughout the academic year. We offer a six-week pre-accelerator programme, masterclasses, workshops, funding competitions, expert mentoring and networking opportunities.

Read on to see how our Research and Enterprise delivers impact and expertise in the below sectors.

Local, national and global governments

At SOAS, our research and expert advice informs the policy and practice of various bodies including local authorities, UK ministerial departments, and a range of governments across the globe.

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International development

Our academics are world-leading specialists in understanding the major drivers of international development. We can offer innovative and engaged ideas for how to move towards more just and equitable approaches to development and to advise on specific regional contexts.

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Local communities

We have worked with London local authorities and education delivery organisations over the last few years through to provide leaders from disadvantaged and multi-ethnic communities with the skills and knowledge to develop their careers and gain positions of influence. 

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Creative and cultural industries

SOAS is a world-leading centre for study and research involving visual and sound arts, material and intangible cultures, media industries and digital cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and their global diasporas.

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International business

Business engagement is a priority for SOAS and we support commercial organisations with interests in our specialist regions in a number of different ways. Our academics can help you with the necessary cultural context and specialist expertise to give your organisation a genuine competitive advantage.

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Human rights and the law

Our expertise in the laws of Asia, Africa and the Middle East is attentive to the ways in which law can be used to empower or marginalise, can improve or worsen the material conditions of life, and can have an uneven impact in accordance with the distribution of economic and political power.

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