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Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies

Participatory Theatre methods for transformative research: Migrant Families Creative Interventions into Citizenship

Dr Umut Erel (Open University)

Date: 13 December 2017Time: 5:00 PM

Finishes: 13 December 2017Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: B102

Type of Event: Seminar

Migrant women as mothers are often portrayed as outsiders to citizenship. They are seen as standing in the way of their children's integration or as burdens to the state when they receive social, health and educational services. What happens, however, if we turn this logic on it's head and value what migrant mothers are already doing: raising future citizens for a multi-ethnic society, crossing ethnic boundaries to forge networks and friendships to care for children, and creating new understandings of identity. How do we need to change our understanding of citizenship to take account of these interventions? In this talk I suggest that creative methods, in particular research through participatory theatre, can shine a light on how migrant mothers creatively intervene in and create new practices of citizenship.

About the speaker

Umut Erel is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Open University. Her research employs an intersectional approach to explore how gender, migration and ethnicity inform practices of citizenship. Her current research focuses on participatory creative methods and care and citizenship among migrant families, exploring questions of belonging and participation for the mothers and their children.

Organiser: Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies

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