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SOAS in the Media: 10 - 16 November

17 November 2020

Items related to Asia

  • The Daily Telegraph, Dominion Post: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on the UK Foreign Secretary's claim that China is in breach of the Sino-British joint declaration and what this means for UK-China relations - 12 Nov
  • BBC News, The Nation (Thailand): Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on the mass resignation of Hong Kong lawmakers in protest against the national security law - 12 Nov
  • Washtington PostPehal News: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Insitute, comments on China's delayed congratulations to Joe Biden on winning the US Presidential election - 13 Nov
  • TIME: Subir Sinha, Senior Lecturer in Institutions and Development, comments on Narendra Modi's election win in the state of Bihar - 11 Nov
  • East Asia Forum, Huewire News: Sarah Parsons, Senior Teaching Fellow writes about whether gender still on the agenda in Japan? - 11 Nov
  • 통일신문(Unification Newspaper), Nifty, Naver: The London Asia Pacific Centre and the Ministry of Unification (Republic of Korea) co-hosted the Korea Global Forum for Peace Korea-Europe Webinar on 11-13 Nov. Felix Berenskoetter (Politics/IS) gave the opening remarks and Tat Yan Kong (Politics/IS) chaired the second session. - 10 Nov
  • Daily Express: James Hoare, Research Associate at the Centre of Korean Studies, comments on claims that North Korea's leader Kim-Jong un is unwell - 12 Nov
  • Joy FM: Keith Howard, Emeritus Professor of Music discusses how North Korea’s ideology is built on song and dance - 15 Nov
  • People's Review Nepal: Michael Hutt, Professorial Associate of South Asia Institute comments on the evolutionary development of Nepali literature and the contributions of the poet Mahakavi Devkota - 16 Nov
  • Thaienquirer: Professor Rachel Harrison’s study of utopian / dystopian femininity in Thailand is referenced in this article on why do Thailand's conservatives like some protest leaders more than others? - 12 Nov

Items related to Africa

  • Al Jazeera: Dr Daniel Mulugeta, Research Associate in Politics and International studies comments on Eithopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the future of the country - 15 Nov
  • Quartz, DNyuz: Kuukuwa Manful, a Doctoral Researcher in African State Architecture comments on the death of former President of Ghana Jerry Rawlings and how he still divides Ghanaians - 14 Nov
  • Daily Maverick: Jesse Copelyn Masters student in Violence, Conflict and Development writes about Sudan-US relations and reparations - 15 Nov

Items related to the Middle East

Items related to other regions/SOAS General

  • Le Monde Diplomatique: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development studies and International Relations, writes about the devestating impact of confinement on developing countries - 10 Nov
  • The Conversation UK, Peace Research Institute Oslo: Benjamin Dix, Senior Fellow, Department of Development Studies and Founder of PositiveNegatives, writes about how grassroots activism through graphic stories represent the lives of community leaders in Syria,Somaliland & Myanmar. - 14 Nov
  • Openonline: Guy Standing, Professorial Research Associate in Development studies, discusses the need for universal basic income during the pandemic - 13 Nov
  • EIN News, Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff, Historian and Research Associate at the Center for International Studies and Diplomacy comments on the intersection of sports and geopolitics in light of Human rights groups calling for the boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China - 13 Nov
  • Byline Times: Dr Rob Faure Walker, Researcher for the Corridos of Power project comments on the UK Government's Prevent duty - 16 Nov
  • Sky News: SOAS student Muraad Chaudhry gives his opinion on the UK government's plans for mass testing of student ahead of Xmas - 11 Nov