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SOAS hosts receptions for new Chevening Scholars

8 December 2021

‚ÄčOn 23 November, SOAS held two Chevening Scholars receptions on campus to welcome our new Scholars. 

Chevening 2

Organised by Kimberly Tritton (Head of Student Recruitment) and the Student Recruitment team, the sessions saw a total of 46 Chevening Scholars meet with Daniel Upton (Programme Officer at Chevening), learn more about the Chevening scheme and what is expected of them, as well as meet, network and engage with fellow Chevening scholars.

The scholars represented over 25 countries, over 15 programmes, 9 disciplines in 7 academic departments. They shared experiences of SOAS, previous work and academic backgrounds, met academic staff face to face, and had the opportunity to ask questions to both SOAS and Chevening representatives.

Colleagues from Marketing, Student Recruitment and Admissions (MSRA) and academics from Anthropology, SFM, Developments studies also attended the sessions.

Chevening 1

The students reported being very happy with the event - feedback included:

"When I tell people in Cambodia (home country) I am at SOAS they are very impressed as SOAS is very well known and respected."

"SOAS wasn't originally the university I was going to come to but once I heard about Development Studies and SOAS international culture and engagement I decided it was the place for me"

"I am from an area of conflict and was greatly excited to join the MSc Politics Rights and Conflict and be able to understand these struggles better and apply this first hand."

"The library is amazing, it is beautiful and has the largest collection Ethiopia (home country) I have ever seen, so much resource, text, history and knowledge of Ethiopia, its past and its present."

"In one of my first classes I saw another student with a Chevening notepad and I asked are you also a Chevening scholar and they said yes, then another sitting just a little further said I am too. Today I have met so many more, it is good to see others like me and to share our experiences. I look forward to more of these events."

SOAS will, in the next year, also see it's 1000th Chevening scholar through its doors and there are plans to host a joint even with Chevening to celebrate this with Chevening Alumni and Scholars. 

Chevening 3

Many of the scholars have, are, or will be returning to government positions in their home countries, adding to our diverse and prominent network of alumni helping to promote SOAS, engage with organisations, business, universities, and prospective students and build on our opportunities and networks.

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