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Afrobarometer is an independent, non-partisan research project that regularly measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in more than 30 African countries. On-campus use

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The first wave of the Arab Barometer began in 2006/07 with the first round of surveys administered in seven countries. An eighth country was surveyed in 2009.The eight countries included in the first round of the Arab Barometer are Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Bahrain, Algeria, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Yemen. In 2010/11, second wave Arab Barometer surveys were conducted in eleven Arab countries. Although it was not possible to conduct a second wave survey in Kuwait and Bahrain, five new countries were added to the Arab Barometer. The second wave of the Arab Barometer thus included surveys in Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, and Egypt. The third wave of the Arab Barometer was released in 2014. Countries included in this wave are Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. On-campus use

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The Asian Barometer Survey (ABS) is an applied research program that aims to gauge public opinion on issues such as political values, democracy, and governance across Asia. Our regional survey network encompasses research teams from 13 East Asian states (Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia), and 5 South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal). On-campus use

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Eurobarometer (EB) survey series is a unique programme of cross-national and cross-temporal comparative social science research. Since the early seventies representative national samples in all European Union (EU) (formerly the European Community (EC)) member states have been simultaneously interviewed in the spring and autumn of each year. On-campus use

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European and World Values Surveys
The European Values Surveys and World Values Surveys series was designed to enable a cross-national, cross-cultural comparison of values and norms on a wide variety of topics and to monitor changes in values and attitudes across the globe. On-campus use

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This project represents the largest, most careful and systematic comparative survey of attitudes and values toward politics, power, reform, democracy and citizens' political actions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arabic region. It is based on a common module of questions contained in regional barometer surveys. On-campus use

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International Social Survey
Download data from the International Social Survey. Special topics have included: the environment; the role of government; social inequality; social support; family and gender issues; work orientation; the impact of religious background, behaviour and beliefs on social and political preferences; and national identity. Participating countries vary for each topical module. On-campus use

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