Funder policies (open access)

Open access requirements for externally funded research

The table below includes Open Access requirements of common external funders of SOAS Research and links to their official guidance. Researchers should think about Open Access when they apply for funding applications as there are often opportunities to cost in Open Access to budgets of applications. It is essential to know the requirements for Open Access to publications that result from funded research so that you can check potential publisher policies and processes for Open Access before you submit outputs to publishers.

Please contact if your funder isn’t listed and you aren’t sure of their Open Access options and requirements or if you need help with the practicalities of making outputs from your project Open Access.


Costing open access

Open access requirements

Arts and Humanities Research Council and Economic and Social Research Council
  • Use SOAS UKRI Funds to make journal articles Open Access
  • Cost in charges for Open Access for other output types, for example books and book chapters in application
  • A new policy comes into force for journal articles and conference proceedings with an ISSN submitted for publication from 1 April 2022
  • The policy offers two routes to open access:
  • Route one: publish the article open access. The Version of Record must be immediately open access via the publisher’s website with a Creative Commons attribution (CC BY) licence
  • Route two: publish the article in a subscription journal and self-archive the Author's Accepted Manuscript (AAM) in SOAS Research Online. The AAM must have a CC BY licence and an embargo is not permitted
  • Use either SOAS UKRI funds or SOAS Research Online to meet requirements
  • For more information, see our page on UKRI Open Access requirements
  • Funded PhD theses to be Open Access no later than 12 months after submission through SOAS Research Online
European Research Council / Horizon
  • Include Open Access costs in dissemination budget of applications
  • Payment of Open Access fees allowed for all output types and encouraged from project budget
  • All journal articles no later than 12 months after publication
  • Use either your project funds or deposit in SOAS Research Online to meet requirements
  • Add all accepted versions of articles to SOAS Research Online on acceptance
Department for International Development
  • Include Open Access costs in project application
  • Payment of Open Access fees allowed and encouraged from project budget
  • Applies to peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Paid Open Access route preferred for immediate Open Access
  • If self-archiving SOAS Research Online, Open Access must be allowed by publisher no later than 6 months after publication
  • When self-archiving peer-reviewed journal articles, manuscripts must be deposited in R4D and made open access within six months of first publication


  • Costs for Open Access can be reimbursed by Wellcome provided publications meet their requirements
  • OA publication costs in hybrid journals will no longer be funded.
  • Funds can be accessed after close of project
  • Email: to access funds
  • Applies to journal articles, book chapters, monographs
  • Articles must be made Open Access with no embargo
  • If paid for by Wellcome funds must be published with a CC-BY Licence
  • The accepted or final version must be deposited with PubMed Central
  • If self-archiving add accepted version of your article to SOAS Research Online
Leverhulme Trust
  • Payment of Open Access fees allowed from funding provided they are incurred in lifetime of project
  • No specific requirements on Open Access
British Academy
  • Costs for Open Access not an allowable cost in funding
  • No specific requirements on Open Access

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