About the Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica Collection in the Library

  • Print collections

    The print collections include material on:

    • Ancient civilizations, languages and cultures of Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and Syria (including cuneiform studies)
    • Biblical and Biblical-related subjects
    • Byzantine Studies
    • Semitic languages (including Hebrew, Jewish dialects such as Yiddish and Ladino, and the Semitic languages of Ethiopia)
    • Jewish studies (ancient and modern)
    • Israeli / Palestinian studies (ancient and modern)

    Some earlier material on the Byzantine Empire is at A949.5 on Level E

    The following sections contain material that may also be of interest

  • Classmarks and location

    The Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica collection is located on Level B of the Library (stacks 1-29). Classmarks begin with the letter Q

    SOAS Library Location list M-R

    Some earlier material on the Byzantine Empire is at A949.5 on Level E

    Some classmarks are shelved off-site. See list below:

    QN330.9 - QN398.9 Social Sciences (in Hebrew)
    QN900- QN955.004923 Jewish history (in Hebrew)
    QO943.005 Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook (1956 -to date) Available online from Vol.41 (1996)
    QPA (all classmarks EXCEPT QPA400-418, 423, 428, 492.4, 433, 439.09003, 448, 492.4, 839.11308) Yiddish SOME RETURNED - mainly English / European translations of Yiddish literature and books about Yiddish in English or European languages. Please ask MS (ms28@soas.ac.uk)
    QR (all classmarks) Ancient Egypt Off site, available on request
    QU and QV Off site, available on request
    L.QI (all classmarks) The Bible and Biblical related subjects
    L.QN133.73 - L.QN398 Hebrew language
    L.QN510.4 - L.QN892.434MEN Hebrew language
    L.QN892.435BAR - L.QN964.00494 (end) Hebrew language
    L.QR (all classmarks) Ancient Egypt
    L.QSB (all classmarks) Coptic
    L.QT (all classmarks) Byzantine Empire
    L.QU - L.QUE (all classmarks) Mediterranean islands
    L.QV  - L.QVD (all classmarks) Mediterranean languages

    Books from this collection with the location 'Rainham Store' can be requested online via the library catalogue using the 'reserve' button. Items marked 'Egham Store' and other periodicals can be requested using paper slips at the Enquiry Desk or by contacting a member of library staff.

    For a full listing of classmarks and their location, please consult SOAS Library location list.

  • Journals

    The Library has an extensive collection of journals in both print and electronic formats. For more information, check:

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  • Reference collection

    The reference collections (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, bibliographies, directories etc.) are shelved in separate sequences. Check the location list for details.

  • Special collections

    SOAS Library has:
    A. N. Stencl collection: over 2000 19th and 20th century Yiddish books and journals
    • Other Yiddish collections from the Whitechapel Library

    A.N. Stencl archive: Abraham N. Stencl’s private archives, manuscripts, correspondence and papers
    • Photographic archives (historical, anthropological, ethnological, sociological interest)
    • Older and rare books (pre-1880)
    • Maps (mainly pre-1900)

    For further information see - Archives & Special Collections