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Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica Subject Guide

SOAS Databases

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General Resources

  • ETANA Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives
    A comprehensive Internet site for the study of the ancient Near East. Provides access to online texts , including archaeological excavation reports, editions of ancient and modern texts, dictionaries, journals, and reports, a portal to selected web resources (ABZU) and an area where scholars can share data, images and eventually research.
  • ABZU: Archaeological Sites
    Index of networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world.  A comprehensive list of academic resources from the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago.
  • ARCANE Project:
    The ultimate goal of the ARCANE project is to produce a reliable relative and absolute chronology of the entire Near East based on the synchronization of regional chronologies for the third millennium BC. Its geographical scope covers the entire Eastern Mediterranean and Near Eastern area, from Egypt to Iran and from Cyprus and Anatolia to the Arab-Persian Gulf.
  • A-Z of archaeological sites in Israel
    Index of excavations in Israel ranging from Akko to Zippori, and from prehistory to the Crusader era. Click on the links to view descriptions, photographs of the sites and finds.
  • Jerusalem Archaeological Park
    Israel’s most important antiquity site designated as an archaeological park and open museum. The Park reaches the Temple Mount on the north, the slope of the Mount of Olives and the Kidron Valley on the east, and the Valley of Hinnom on the west and the south.
  • Cuneiform Digital Library
    Database hosted by UCLA, bringing together over 250,000 digitized texts of cuneiform writings from various museums and institutions in Europe and America, dating from 3500 BC to the end of the pre-Christian era.
  • Scrolls from the Dead Sea
    An exhibition at the Library of Congress on the Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship.

Image Collections

  • Coptic Museum in Egypt
    The Coptic Museum was Founded 1910, The objects displayed rise up to 16000 pieces approximately, arranged in chronological order in 12 different sections. Includes an extensive image gallery.
  • Egyptology Online: Ancient Monuments
    A selection of images of Pharaonic monuments, temples, tombs, necropolis, etc. in Egypt.
  • Eternal Egypt
    Centralised database of images of Egyptian historical and cultural resources taken from nine Egyptian sites and museums. Supported by series of essays in the library section. Also includes text to speech technology in English, French and Arabic for guided tours of specific sites and museums.
  • Temples and Monuments of Egypt
    250 images of temples and monuments of Egypt.

Freely available journals

A-Z Open Access journals on Ancient Studies
The Ancient World Online site offers alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies. The list currently includes 1283 titles.