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South East Asia & Pacific Islands subject guide
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  • Brill Online Reference Works
    Includes Encyclopaedia of Islam and the Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an .
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  • Cambridge Histories Online
    Includes Cambridge History of South-east Asia and Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders
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  • Index Islamicus
    Bibliographic databases of books and articles etc. about the Muslim World, published since 1906
  • Mobilizing East Asia Online
    The resource offers a selected range of essential English-language newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and books published in East and South-East Asia from the turn of the twentieth century to the 1950’s. Content includes developments in 1930's Manchuria, the Second World War years in Japan and China, the communist revolution in China and its aftermath, and the nascent Cold War
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  • Oxford Bibliographies
    Select Islamic Studies. Combines the functions of a research level encyclopedia and a bibliography
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  • Oxford Islamic Studies
    Access to major reference works on the Islamic World from the Oxford University Press
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Web resources
  • E-corpus
    Collection of digitized texts from a consortium of French universities and academic institutions including material on French imperial interests and colonies
  • Islamic History Sourcebook
    A wide range of freely available online resources available through the Internet History Sourcebooks Project (Fordham University, New York)
  • Southeast Asian Visions
    Over 350 digitized books and articles on pre-modern Southeast Asia viewed through the eyes of Western travellers from Cornell University Library’s John M. Echols’ Collection