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SOAS Databases

Well used database, with English language interface, provides full-text access to Chinese journals, many of which include English abstracts.

Duxiu (读秀) is a huge content-based databases covers Chinese publications from the early 1930s to the present.


CiNii [サイニィ] = NII論文情報ナビゲータ
The database provides bibliographical citations (including 4 million full-texts) of Japanese scholarly journals published in Japan.

Zassaku Plus = 雑誌記事索引集成データベース
Index database for Japanese magazine and periodicals from the Meiji Era to the Present.


The comprehensive journal collection covering major Korean scholarly journals.

KISS (Korean-studies Information service system)
Another popular database contains scholarly articles from 1,200 research institutions in Korea.

Freely available websites

CHIME European Foundation for Chinese Music Research
Based in Leiden, CHIME was founded in 1990. The site provides very useful bibliography section arranged according to subject terms.

Chinese guqin playing and notation
Written by Judy (Pei-you) Chang, this site offers a good introduction into Chinese Seven-stringed Zither (Guqin).

John Thompson on the Guqin Silk String Zither
Another website offering comprehensive information on various aspects of the seven stringed Chinese Zither.

China People Promotions
China People Promotions (CPP) was formed in 1994 by a group of Chinese musicians. Based in the UK, we promote Chinese arts and culture through organising concerts and festivals, Educational workshops, and music productions within the UK and Europe.

Songs of China's Cultural Revolution
Audio archive of Chinese songs of China’s Cultural Revolution.

Rock in China
The site offers Chinese rock, punk, metal, electro and underground music


Hougaku Land
An online guide to the Japanese traditional music. The site provides audio examples and useful links.
Japanese Traditional Music
Gives short descriptions of the most important types of traditional Japanese music.

Introduction to Noh & Kyogen
An excellent site about Noh & Kyogen, put together by Japan Arts Council. The site offers video clips of performance.

Introduction to Kabuki
A very informative web resource about Kabuki, published by Japan Arts Council.

Billboard chart Japan 100
The week's most popular songs in Japan, based on radio airplay and sales data.


National Gugak Centre
An excellent website to provide everything about Gugak including theory, dictionary, sheet music and research papers. Majority of resources are in Korean but some research papers/ books are freely available in pdf file.

Cambridge Samulnori
Put together by Cambridge Samulnori team, it is a great place to learn all about Samulnori (Korean traditional percussion music). The site contains history, technique, instruments and useful youtube links.

Music from Korea
The website offers free Korean music streaming.

The site offers resources and news on K-Pop in English.

Billboard chart Korea K-Pop 100
The week's most popular songs according to  Billboard Korea, ranked according to digital sales.

Digitised recording collection

Traditional Songs and Stories of the Hua Miao of South West China
Songs and stories of the Miao race in South West China were collected and translated by Rev. Keith Parsons.  This archive is hosted by Dr. Steve Rake at the University of Southampton.