Ethnomusicology Online
Ethnomusicology OnLine is a scholarly multimedia journal that offers visitors full text articles and media files of musical recordings from around the world. Articles for the online scholarly journal are peer-reviewed.

Society for Ethnomusicology
Established in 1955, The Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) promotes the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. The  website introduces the work of the society, providing information on past and forthcoming conferences (including calls for papers), links to colleges and universities offering ethnomusicology programmes of study and links to other resources.

Folklore Forum
Established in 1968, Folklore Forum is produced by graduate students at the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Department of Indiana University. The journal's web site gives access to the current issue of Folklore Forum journal.

Eliot Bates : ethnomusicology
This is the personal website of Eliot Bates, a lecturer in ethnomusicology at the University of Birmingham. His research area is Turkish contemporary music making. The website provides prominent scholar’s names and useful links.

Ethnomusicology Review
Previously known as Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, this is an open access journal published by the Department of Ethnomusicology at UCLA.  The website also offers a forum for the scholarly community

British Forum for Ethnomusicology
The BFE website highlights some key texts, journals, CDs, related sites and societies.

International Council for Traditional Music
The site provides access to ICTM world conferences, study groups, colloquia, national committees, etc. From the website, 'Bulletin of the ICTM' is available in the PDF file format. Links offer access to other relevant institutions and societies.

Relating the Present to the Past: Thoughts on the Study of Musical Change and Culture Change in Ethnomusicology, by Bruno Nettl
Written by one of the prominent ethnomusicologists Bruno Nettl, this paper focuses on the symbiotic relation between musical and cultural change. It is taken from Music and Anthropology: Journal of Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean, Number 1, 1996.

New Perspectives in Ethnomusicology: a Critical Survey, by James Porter
Another striking article defines ethnomusicology.  This article, which has a substantial bibliography, discusses developments of ethnomusicology and considers the future direction of the discipline. James Porter is Professor of Ethnomusicology and Folklore at the University of California, Los Angeles. The article is published in Issue 1, 1995 of Trans, the transcultural musical review.