Resources by country: Sri Lanka: SOAS Library

Government of Sri Lanka Official Web Portal
A portal providing information and resources on Sri Lankan government departments, ministries, councils and parliamentary structures.

Department of Census and Statistics- Sri Lanka
The Department of Census and Statistics in Sri Lanka site provides summary information on population census and other statistical data.

Daily News- National Sri Lankan Newspaper
This online resource provides wide coverage on news about Sri Lanka.

LankaPage - Sri Lankan news resource
This online news resource for information on Sri Lanka.

Tamil Website
News coverage on Tamil affairs.

Sri Lanka Democracy Forum
The Sri Lanka Democracy Forum is a global network of activists committed to promote democratisation and inter-ethnic co-existence in Sri Lanka.

The National Peace Council of Sri Lanka
A non government/ independent organisation working towards conflict resolution and peace building through research, dialogue and training.

People’s Liberation Front- Political Party
The web site of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP).

Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies- Sri Lanka
The Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies’ website lends highlights conflict and conflict resolution issues in Sri Lanka.  The information is accessible in both Tamil and Sinhala.

Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS)
IPS is an economic policy think tank institute based in Sri Lanka. Recent research policy has focused on poverty, gender, government initiatives and health.