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Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts
The Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts makes images of almost 12,000 texts from throughout Laos easily accessible for study. There is a wide diversity in the manuscript collection, covering a large geographical area and historical timeframe, different literary traditions and schools of scribes, and different languages and scripts. The majority of the texts are from the Lao, Lan Na and Tai Lue traditions, with smaller numbers in Tai Nuea, and Tai Dam, etc.

Library of Congress country study – Laos
This is produced by the Library of Congress. It is a good starting point for learning about Laos. It has a country profile and includes detailed sections on history, geography, society, economy, and government.

Laos Globe
This website covers the latest news and headlines relating to Laos.

Vientiane Times
This is the website for the Vientiane Times, a biweekly English newspaper.

National University of Laos
This is the website of the National University of Laos. It is available in Laotian and English.