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This page points you to key support and information about SOAS Research Online whether you are a researcher, PhD student or a member of Professional Services supporting SOAS researchers.

  • For New Researchers

    Simply write to to request:

    • an introduction to SOAS Research Online, Open Access and what you need to do for the REF
    • help adding records of your previous and upcoming publications to SOAS Research Online and therefore getting your SOAS publications list up to date
  • For PhD Students

    Get in touch with for:

    • help if you cannot login to SOAS Research Online
    • advice about sharing upcoming or recently published research via SOAS Research Online
    • Information about requirements and options for sharing your PhD thesis via SOAS Research Online once your doctorate is awarded

    Also check out our training and events which include lots of sessions to prepare you for Open Access, give you the essentials of Copyright and help you understand publishing agreements.

  • For Teaching Staff

    Write to to:

    • find out what research you can add to SOAS Research Online and why making your research Open Access is a good thing to think about
    • to explore what other platforms you can use to promote your publications online
  • For All Research Staff

    Simply write to to request:

    • a refresher on how to add your research to SOAS Research Online and the REF Open Access requirements you need to act on
    • advice on how you can use SOAS Research Online effectively to share more of your research and connect it to your social media accounts and personal websites
  • For Academic Support Staff

    Write to

    • if you want to find out how new department members can add research to SOAS Research Online or list their publications on the SOAS website
    • to request an information session about SOAS Research Online and how it relates to your work in Departments
    • to find out how research from SOAS Research Online can be automatically added to Department social media accounts or the SOAS website
    • If a researcher’s publications profile is not displaying on the SOAS website correctly  
  • For Reporting Errors or Technical Problems

    Contact in the first instance and we will correct any errors and look into any technical problems with the system.