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Dr Feyzi Ismail
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Feyzi has degrees in Philosophy and Social Policy, and completed her PhD in Development Studies at SOAS, where she conducted research on the relationship between NGOs and the left parties in Nepal. She has taught at SOAS, UCL, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and Ruskin College. Her research interests include NGOs and social movements, alternatives to neoliberalism and imperialism, and politics and development in Nepal and South Asia. She is on the executive committee of the Britain-Nepal Academic Council.



Feyzi has conducted research in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Her research has focused on theorising a critical approach to NGOs under neoliberalism, the connections between geopolitics and development in Nepal and South Asia, the rise and decline of the Nepali Maoists and, on a global level, social movement organising.


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Ismail, Feyzi (2017) 'Polar opposites? NGOs, left parties and the fight for social change in Nepal'. Critical Sociology.

Ismail, Feyzi and Shah, Alpa (2015) 'Class struggle, the Maoists and the Indigenous Question in Nepal and India'. Economic and Political Weekly, (L) 35, pp 112-123.

Ismail, Feyzi (2010) 'Nepal's Peace Process: Does Ethnic Inclusion Mean Economic Inclusion?'. Development Viewpoint, (49).

Book Chapters

Ismail, Feyzi (2015) 'Nepal, imperialism and anti-imperialism'. In: Ness, Immanuel and Cope, Zak, (eds.), The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 375-386.

Ismail, Feyzi (2011) 'The politics of occupation'. In: Bailey, Michael and Freedman, Des, (eds.), The Assault on Universities: A Manifesto for Resistance. London: Pluto Press, pp 123-131.

Book Reviews

Ismail, Feyzi (2013) 'The bias of balance: Politics and constitution-making in Nepal'. Economic and Political Weekly, (48) 48, pp 31-33.

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Ismail, Feyzi (2015) 'Nepal: Natural disaster, unnatural suffering' openDemocracy (2 May).

Ismail, Feyzi (2014) 'Literature Review for Nepal'.

Ismail, Feyzi (2012) 'Nepal: New demands require a new strategy' The Bullet, Socialist Project (28 September).

Ismail, Feyzi (2011) 'The Left Bloc and resistance across Europe'.


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