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Noemi Perez Vasquez

BA (Universidad Central de Venezuela), MSc (London School of Economics), LL.M. (University of Oslo)
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Noemi Perez Vasquez
Ms Noemi Perez Vasquez
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The United Nations' impact on the access to justice of women in post-conflict societies
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PhD Research

My thesis analyses the transitional justice policies designed and implemented in post-conflict societies under International Administration and answers the following research question: ‘What is the impact of the transitional justice laws and policies implemented by the United Nations on women’s access to justice?’ More specifically, my thesis evaluates the impact of the policy approach designed and implemented by the UN International Administration on transitional justice in post-conflict societies. I will do so by asking if the legal norms and policies designed and implemented by the United Nations protect women’s rights to access to justice and therefore whether the proactive participation of international actors has been determinant on the ensuring of women’s rights in post-conflict societies. Based on a socio-legal approach, my research will analyse the cases of two post-conflict societies that have been exposed to the most direct level of international intervention in their transitional justice processes – Kosovo and Timor-Leste - and will focus on trials and reparations. By carrying out field studies and raising women’s personal experiences of their access to justice, I will contribute to the assessment and development of better state-building policies in post-conflict societies.


  • Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Annual Conference, School of Law, Lancaster University, April 2016
  • African Regional Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, organised by the Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School, January 2016


  • NORDEM, the Norwegian Resource Bank for Democracy and Human Rights, is a civilian capacity provider specialised in human rights and democratisation
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association


  • International norms and institutions
  • Impact of human rights law and policies
  • Transitional justice
  • Gender and children's rights.