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Mr Joshua McNamara


Joshua McNamara
Centre for Global Media and Communications

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Mr Joshua McNamara
Thesis title:
Small scale audiovisual production and its relationship with the development and aid sector in Nairobi: an approach toward Kenya's media environment, from the perspective of practice-based research.
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PhD Research

My research focuses on the crossroads of media and development practices in Nairobi, and is based on a 9-month field research period, during which I have been working in various audiovisual productions and media events, including a slum-based film festival and a UN-funded documentary film. I am currently working as a co-writer and assistant director of a television movie about Urban Refugees in Nairobi. This 'practice' based research seeks - through participant ethnography and 'professional re-enactment' - to capture the tensions and antagonisms of the crossroads of media and development in East Africa's technological and cultural hub.

Based in the Centre for Media and Film Studies, I am working on an interdisciplinary thesis between CMFS and African Studies, with primary supervision from Lindiwe Dovey.