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South East Asia Section, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Lecturer in Indonesian

Dr Soe Tjen Marching
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Soe Tjen Marching was born and grew up in Surabaya, Indonesia. She completed her Ph.D in Southeast Asian Studies at Monash University, Australia. After lecturing for several years at different universities in Australia, she moved to the UK and started teaching at SOAS in 2016. Her research interests are the study of languages, gender studies in Indonesia, Indonesian literature, and Indonesian history and politics especially in relation to the 1965 genocide.

Besides being an academic, Soe Tjen is also a creative writer and an award winning composer. She has published several poems and short stories in English and Indonesian, and published three novels in Indonesian. One of her poems won third place at the competition held by Ballarat City Council in Australia. As a composer, she won a national competition for Indonesian Contemporary Composers held by the German Embassy. One of her compositions has been released in the CD Asia Piano Avantgarde: Indonesia.



Authored Books

Marching, Soe Tjen (2017) The End of Silence: Accounts of the 1965 Genocide in Indonesia. Amsterdam University Press.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2013) Kubunuh Di Sini. Jakarta: Gramedia.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2011) Kisah di Balik Pintu. Yogyakarta: Ombak.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2007) Discrepancy Between the Public and the Private Selves of Indonesian Women. Edwin Mellen Press.

Marching, Soe Tjen and Constantine, Peter (2004) Making Out in Indonesian. Singapore; Tokyo: Tuttle Publishing.

Marching, Soe Tjen and Goebels, Zane and Goebels, Junaeni (2003) Indonesian in a Flash. Singapore; Tokyo: Tuttle Publishing.


Marching, Soe Tjen (2009) 'The Evolution of Identity and Cultural Origin in Indonesian Life Writings'. E-ASPAC: Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2008) 'Anti-pornography Bill and Indonesian Identity in the Western Media'. E-ASPAC: Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2008) 'Herlinatiens: between lesbianism, Islam and feminism'. InterAsia Cultural Studies, (9) 1, pp 7-26.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2007) 'Descriptions of Female Sexuality in Ayu Utami’s Saman'. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, (38) 1, pp 133-146.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2007) 'The Mass Rape of Chinese Indonesian Women in May 1998: The Discourse and Manipulation'. Pacific Journal.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2007) 'The Representation of the Body in Two Indonesian Women's Novels: Ayu Utami's Saman and Fira Basuki's Jendela-jendela'. Indonesia and the Malay World, (35) 102, pp 231 - 245.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2007) 'The Despotic Eye in Two Indonesian Women's Autobiographies'. E-ASPAC: Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2004) 'Sexual Transgression in the Autobiographies of Two Indonesian Women'. Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context, (10).

Marching, Soe Tjen (2003) 'Two Indonesian Women’s Diaries: Between Public and Private'. Colloquy, (7).

Nicholls, Angus and Marching, Soe Tjen (2002) 'Australia’s Indonesia, Indonesia’s Australia'. Antipodes, (16) 2.

Edited Books or Journals

Marching, Soe Tjen, (ed.), (2013) Amarah (Collection of Short Stories). Jakarta: Glitzy Book.

Book Chapters

Marching, Soe Tjen (2004) 'The Suppression of Indonesian Communist Party and Trade Unions'. In: Schlager, Neil, (ed.), St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide. Detroit: St James Press.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2003) 'Women in Indonesia'. In: Walter, Lynn and Desai, Manisha, (eds.), The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide: Asia and Oceania. Greenwood Publishing Group, pp 189-218.


Marching, Soe Tjen (2017) 'Film on G30S/PKI: Betrays Humanity' The Jakarta Post.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2015) 'Traitors at IPT 1965' The Jakarta Globe.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2015) 'No Reconciliation or Peace without Truth of 1965' The Jakarta Globe.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2014) 'The Many Faces of Silence in Indonesia' The Wall Street Journal.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2013) 'Mengkritisi G30S/PKI” [Reconsidering the G30S/PKI]' Koran Tempo.

Marching, Soe Tjen (2013) 'The Act of Killing: Coming to Grips with the Banality of Mass murder in Indonesia’s Past' The Jakarta Globe.


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