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Dr Moriel Ram
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Dr. Moriel Ram is a Research Associate in Israel Studies at the Department of Near and Middle East, School of Languages and Cultures, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London. His main interests are material geopolitics, faith and contested urban identities and the politics of development health. He currently works on a project exploring how sand, stones and snow narrates politics and culture in Israel-Palestine.



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Ram, Moriel and Aharon-Gutman, Meirav (2019) 'Sacred Rhythms and Political Frequencies: Reading Lefebvre in an Urban House of Prayer'. City and Society, (31) 2, pp 251-274.

Aharon-Gutman, Meirav and Ram, Moriel (2017) 'Objective possibility as urban possibility: reading Max Weber in the city'. Journal of Urban Design, (23) 6, pp 803-822.

Ram, Moriel and Aharon-Gutman, Meirav (2017) 'Strongholding the Synagogue to Stronghold the City: Urban-Religious Configurations in an Israeli Mixed-City'. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, (108) 5, pp 641-655.

Gordon, Neve and Ram, Moriel (2016) 'Ethnic Cleansing and the Formation of Settler Colonial Geographies'. Political Geography, (53), pp 20-29.

Ram, Moriel (2015) 'Colonial Conquests Encampments and the Politics of Normalization: The Case of the Golan Heights and Northern Cyprus'. Political Geography, (47), pp 21-32.

Ram, Moriel (2014) 'White But not Quite: Normalizing Colonial Conquests through Spatial Mimicry'. Antipode, (46) 3, pp 736-753.


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