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Mr Malik Kenewa

BA (UEL) International development with NGO Management, LLM (UEL) International Law
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Mr Malik Kenewa
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The Islamic Sacred Months as a contemporary peace agreement
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My research project will look at “The Sacred Months” as a contemporary peace agreement. It will contribute to both the theory and practice of modern international law and its relation to Islamic international law. Additionally, I will be looking at the legal issues in relation to wars & conflicts including ones which include non-state actors. The research will also contribute to the current work on International Humanitarian Law, and more specifically, the idea of humanitarian corridors which are being developed within current war-zones. I believe that the Sacred Months will contribute dearly to this area of international humanitarian law as it will facilitate the establishment of these corridors and address the safety issues in a way that has not been done before in the contemporary world. 
This project will contribute specifically to the current work on the relationship between Islamic International Law and International Law. I will look at the possible challenges of the compatibility or otherwise, of Islamic international law with contemporary international law and how this can be approached or overcome. Professor Mashood A. Baderin has argued that it is observed that many Muslim countries do participate in the international human rights objective of the United Nations – when they enter declarations and reservations, and when they ratify international human rights treaties – they usually do it on the grounds of Sharia or Islamic Law. If it is the case, then it is important and wise to ground any contemporary Peace Agreements in Islamic law. As such, the proposed research will enable the fusion of international law and Islamic law in relation to ensuring the reduction of conflict. On a more practical level, this research will contribute to changes to modern day practices of warfare within the Middle East & Africa.


Law, Development, Politics, International Relations, Islamic Law and Globalisation