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Bulama Bukarti

LLB (BUK, Nigeria), BL (Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria) LLM (BUK, Nigeria)
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Bulama Bukarti
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An Assessment of Boko Haram's War from Islamic Law of War Perspective
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Year of Entry 2018
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PhD Research

This dissertation assesses Boko Haram's justifications and conduct of war from the perspective of Islamic laws of war. It examines whether the group's use of force is justified under Islamic law and whether its conduct in prosecuting its hostility complies with Islamic regulations. Ultimately, the dissertation would establish whether the group's war is a jihad as it claims, or a baghy (rebellion) or a hiraba (terrorism) under Islamic law.


  • Tony Blair Institute for Global Change


  • Islamic International Law
  • Public International Law
  • Anti-Terrorism Laws
  • Islamic Laws of War
  • Salifi-Jihadi Theology & Ideology
  • African Extremist Groups and Anti-Terrorism Laws


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