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Mr Gabriel Huland

BA (Autonomous University of Barcelona); MA (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
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Gabriel Huland
Mr Gabriel Huland
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The Syrian Conflict and American Foreign Policy in the News
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Gabriel Huland is a journalist and a PhD candidate at SOAS, University of London. His research looks at the coverage of the Syrian conflict in three American newspapers - the NYT, the WP, and the WSJ. He recently published For or Against War?: The Syrian Conflict on the New York Times Opinion Pages, in the Journal of Communication and Media Studies. Before moving to London, he lived in Spain, Costa Rica, and Brazil, where he grew up and has his family. He worked as the editor of Página Roja, an independent Spanish newspaper, and as a researcher at the Latin American Institute of Socio-economic Studies (ILAESE), in Brazil. His research interests include migration, international politics, labour movements, news framing, and media policy. He has good knowledge of Latin American, Middle Eastern, and European affairs. In his free time, he runs, plays the percussion, reads novels and history books.

PhD Research

My project looks at the coverage of the Syrian conflict in the American press, more specifically in the WP, NYT, and WSJ. My first objective is to analyse - both on op-ed pages and in news articles - aspects such as the selection of topics, sourcing practices, and amount of coverage. Secondly, to compare this coverage and the American foreign policy for Syria. The Syrian conflict was the most reported upon in history, and the use of social media was greatly extended both by citizen journalists inside Syria and professional journalists covering it from neighbouring countries. My research will shed light on how the mainstream media covers conflicts in the digital age, highlighting the fact that the Internet allows for a more considerable number of voices and narratives to be acknowledged. It also provided new mechanisms of gatekeeping, as news organisations are able to measure the number of times an article was accessed and how much interaction it generated. For its brutality, complexity and time length, the Syrian conflict became - rather unfortunately - a unique opportunity for researchers to analyse many elements of journalism coverage of conflicts in the 21st century.


Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies (University of California at Berkeley)


Communication and Media Studies Research Network


Media Policy, Media Activism, Brazil, Syria, Migration, International Politics, News Framing Analysis



Huland, Gabriel (2019) 'For or Against War? The Syrian Conflict on the New York Times Opinion Pages'. The Journal of Communications and Media Studies, (4) 2, pp 17-34.

Book Chapters

Antón Crespo, Margarita and Huland, Gabriel (2018) 'El periodismo ciudadano y el uso de las nuevas tecnologías en la revolución siria: el caso del Aleppo Media Center'. In: María Ortega Pérez, Ana and García Prieto, Victoria, (eds.), Voces Alternativas: investigación multidisciplinar en comunicación y cultura. Seville, Spain: Ediciones Egregius, pp 296-314.

Conference Items

Huland, Gabriel (2019) 'Framing Migration in the 21st Century: The Migrant Caravan in US and Mexican Presses' In: Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, 27-29 Sep 2019, University of Bonn, Germany. [Unpublished]

Huland, Gabriel (2018) 'The Syrian Conflict in the New York Times Op-Ed Section (' In: Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, 18-19 October 2018, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, USA. [Unpublished]

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Huland, Gabriel (2020) Bolsonaro is not fit to lead Brazil through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Huland, Gabriel (2019) Is Bolsonaro to Blame for the Amazon Fires?.

Huland, Gabriel (2019) Migrant Caravans: A New Social Movement?.

Huland, Gabriel (2019) Gabriel Huland on US media and the Syrian conflict.

Huland, Gabriel (2019) Protests in Brazil against 30% Cuts in Universities Budget.

Huland, Gabriel (2018) Brazil’s Bolsonaro Confirms Embassy Move to Jerusalem.

Huland, Gabriel (2018) Brazilian Elections: Far-Right on the Rise.


Huland, Gabriel (2018) 'Syrian media: Before and after the revolution' Medium.


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