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Michael Albert
Department of Politics and International Studies

Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Michael Albert
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Michael J. Albert is a lecturer in International Relations working at the intersection of International Relations, Political Theory, and Sustainability Studies. His dissertation, which will soon be formulated into a book project, develops a theoretical framework drawing from complex systems theory and Marxist political economy to map the converging crises of the 21st century – in particular the crises of global capitalism, energy, and the earth system – and illuminate possibilities for world system transformation in the coming decades. His future work will investigate counter-hegemonic movements – including degrowth, ecosocialism, transition towns, solidarity economies, and peasant-based agroecology movements – and consider their potential for creating alternative political economies as the crises of global capitalism and the earth system intensify.



Marxist approaches to climate change and the Anthropocene, complexity theory, degrowth and post-growth economics, energy and food politics, emerging technological risks, community-led sustainability initiatives, post-capitalist futures.



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Albert, Michael (2021) 'The global politics of the renewable energy transition and the non-substitutability hypothesis: towards a ‘great transformation’?'. Review of International Political Economy. [Forthcoming]

Albert, Michael (2021) 'The Climate Crisis, Renewable Energy, and the Changing Landscape of Global Energy Politics'. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, (46) 3, pp 89-98.

Albert, Michael (2021) 'COVID-19 and the Planetary Crisis Multiplicity: From Marxist Crisis Theory to Planetary Assemblage Theory'. Theory & Event. [Forthcoming]

Albert, Michael (2020) 'Beyond Continuationism: Climate Change, Economic Growth, and the Future of World (Dis)Order'. Cambridge Review of International Affairs. [Forthcoming]

Albert, Michael J. (2020) 'Capitalism and Earth System Governance: An Ecological Marxist Approach'. Global Environmental Politics, (20) 2, pp 37-56.

Albert, Michael J. (2020) 'The Dangers of Decoupling: Earth System Crisis and the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution''. Global Policy, (11) 2, pp 245-254.


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