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Dr Innocent Batsani-Ncube

BA (UNISA), Dip Ed (UZ), PGDip (NUST), MSc (Royal Holloway) PhD (SOAS)
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NCUBE, Innocent
Department of Politics and International Studies

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Innocent Batsani-Ncube
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Innocent (Ib) is a Usawa Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Politics Department’s political economy and infrastructure thematic cluster. He specialises in the politics and political economy of intra-global South relations, in particular, the relations between China (state and business actors) and African, Caribbean and Pacific States.

His current work explores the developing phenomenon of Chinese firms’ encroachment and dominance in the African, Caribbean and Pacific political economies. Given the expanding role of China as a major economic power from the global South and its entrenchment of political influence in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries – that collectively constitute 40% of sovereign states – Ib’s research spotlights Chinese companies’ effects on the political and economic balance of power, both within host countries and in their international relationships.

Ib’s Ph. D explored how intra-global South donor relationships are transforming domestic political institutions through tracing the politics and implications of Chinese government funded and constructed Parliament buildings in Lesotho, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Prior to the PhD, Ib managed civil society projects that sought to promote political participation and civic engagement. His career highlights include serving twice as project manager for the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) funded civic projects and being the Founding Executive Director of the Contemporary Affairs Foundation (CA-F).



  • Intra-global South relations

  • Political and economic relations between China (state and business actors) and African, Caribbean and Pacific States

  • Westminster-adapted parliamentary politics in the global South

  • Politics of Sport



Batsani-Ncube, Innocent (2022) 'Whose building? tracing the politics of the Chinese government-funded parliament building in Lesotho'. Journal of Southern African Studies. [Forthcoming]

Batsani-Ncube, Innocent (2021) 'Governing from the opposition?’: tracing the impact of EFF’s ‘niche populist politics’ on ANC policy shifts'. Africa Review, (13) 2, pp 199-216.

Book Chapters

Batsani-Ncube, Innocent (2021) 'China’s ‘parliament building gift’ to Malawi: exploring its rationale, tensions and asymmetrical gains'. In: Tomkinson, Jo and Mulugeta, Daniel and Gallagher, Julia, (eds.), Architecture and Politics in Africa: Rethinking materiality. London: James Currey. [Forthcoming]

Book Reviews

Batsani-Ncube, Innocent (2021) 'Review of: EXCELGATE: how Zimbabwe’s 2018 Presidential election was stolen'. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, (40) 1, pp 149-151.


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