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Khadija Yakubu
Khadija Yakubu
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GOVERNANCE AND SECURITY IN AFRICAN CITIES: Structures and Practices in Northern Nigeria for Sustainable Development; A Case Study of Kaduna Metropolis.
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Khadija Nda Yakubu has a bachelor’s degree in urban and Regional Planning and a master’s degree in Urban Management. She is a Mo Ibrahim Foundation scholar, an enthusiastic, well-organized professional and a Development Expert with over 8 years’ experience spanning different fields such as research officer, town planning officer, teaching, and administrative management. She is currently a Doctoral Researcher with the department of Development studies, SOAS.
Her dream is to become part of a global team that helps handle unwanted situations that arise due to bad governance, irresponsible and irresponsive leadership, corruption, insecurity amongst others and make the effects favorable or at least minimal for the affected individuals. Her goal is to excel in her field through hard work, research, skill, perseverance, and to pursue a highly rewarding career in a challenging and healthy work environment where she can utilize her skills and knowledge efficiently for organizational growth and sustainable development.


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