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Professor Lucia Dolce

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Lucia Dolce
Department of Religions and Philosophies, School of History, Religions and Philosophies

Numata Professor of Japanese Buddhism

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Professor Lucia Dolce
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Programmes Convened
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PhD Students supervised
  • Emanuela Sala, Hermeneutical Strategies of Japanese Medieval Religions: The Yōtenki (working title)
  • Ronit Wang, Representations of The Apāya in Thai Cosmological Parks
  • Yeonju Lee, Korean New Religions and the Construction of Nationalism

Recently awarded PhDs

  • Masata Kato, "Translating a 'Religion', Translating a 'Culture': Cultural Negotiations of a Japanese New Religion in a Transcultural Context."
  • Yaara Morris, "The Kinpusen Himitsuden: Space, Myth and Ritual in a Medieval Cultic Site."
  • Shinya Mano, Yôsai and the development of Zen-Esoteric Buddhism.
  • Kigensan Licha, The Esoterization of Soto Zen in Medieval Japan. 
  • Benedetta Lomi, The Precious Steed of the Buddhist Pantheon: Rituals, faith and images of Batô Kannon in Japan. 
  • Masaaki Okada, Nature in the healing and farming practices of Okada Mokichi of Sekai Kyūsei Kyō.
  • Fumi Ouchi, The Somatic Nature of Enlightenment: Vocal arts in the Japanese Tendai tradition.
  • Tullio Lobetti, Faith in the flesh: body and ascetic practices in contemporary Japanese religious context. 
  • Satomi Horiuchi, Expressing Emotions: Memorial Services in Contemporary Japanese Christianity.



I am currently carrying out two distinct (albeit interrelated) projects on Japanese religious culture.

The first project explores the discourse on the body in the ritual landscape of mediaeval
Japanese Buddhism, with the aim of demonstrating the fluidity of ritual knowledge and the need of linking Japanese notions of the body to continental (Tantric) practices. In the context of this large project I am addressing methodological questions related to the application of performative theories on Japanese premodern ritual (see also Dolce 2010a &b) and the possibilities of a practice-centred approach to analyse Japanese religion in its entirety.

The second project deals with the relation between Buddhism and ‘Shinto,’ in particular contemporary forms of associative practices. I have recently completed a co-edited volume (in Japanese), based on an international workshop held at SOAS in spring 2011, which reflects on the paradigms through which the ‘Buddho-Shinto combination’ has been studied (Dolce 2013) and the particularities of the locativization of Buddhism in Japan. I continue to explore this topic by addressing the revival of premodern practices in well-known shrines in the Kyoto area.

The Lucky Gods of Tokyo: Religious and Spatial Politics of a Contemporary Urban Pilgrimage (with Dr Tatsuma Padoan, Newton Fellow, 2014-2016)

This project explores how Tokyo urban space is reconfigured in specific pilgrimage routes connecting Buddhist and Shinto institutions: the pilgrimage of the Seven Gods of Fortune (shichifukujin). Focusing on a number of case studies, it seeks to study the processes of negotiation and confrontation between different institutions and institutional levels, as well as the dynamics of religious marketing that shape the relationship between cultic centres and practitioners.


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Edited Books or Journals

Dolce, Lucia, (ed.), (2018) Nichiren to Hokekyô, Japanese Translation of Esoteric Patterns in Nichiren’s Interpretation of the Lotus Sutra. Sekido Gyôkai and Miwa Zenshô transl.. Tokyo: Sankibô shoten. [Forthcoming]

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

Dolce, Lucia (2009) 'Review of Patricia J. Graham, 'Faith and Power in Japanese Buddhist Art 1600-2005''. Nihon bukkyô sôgô kenkyû [Interdisciplinary studies of Japanese Buddhism], (8), pp 129-138.


Dolce, Lucia (2015) 'Performance, Asceticism and the Power of Ritual: The Repentance Liturgy of Tōdaiji' Dharma World Magazine [Online].

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