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Dr Kevin Latham

BA (Oxon); MA, PhD (London)
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Kevin Latham
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Head of Department

Centre for Global Media and Communications

Associate Member, Centre for Media and Film Studies

SOAS China Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS China Institute

Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies


Dr Kevin Latham
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+44 (0)20 7898 4423
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
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Tuesdays 14.00 to 16.00


Anthropology of Media, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, postmodernism and poststructuralist theory, Chinese philosophy.  Dr Kevin Latham is also a visiting professor at Beijing City University.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Chiu Wan Liu, Changing Gender-age System in the Digital-era: a Case Study in 'Taobao Village' of China [working title]
  • Hannah Bennett, Golf Course Culture in China: An Exploration of Gender, Class, and Social Stratification
  • Maria Nolan, China's Zhai: Exploring the Use of a Social Label among Young Urban Chinese (working title)
  • Tom Cunliffe, Lung Kong and Hong Kong Film History 1966-1979
  • Weidi Zheng, Projecting favorable images of China: hegemony and anti-hegemony in African private media room
  • Xinru Li, Mango TV as Youths’ CCTV - An Ethnography of Youths, Media and Nation
  • Yuet Heng (Janet) Wong, The Global Construction of the Concept of “Lingnan Culture” in the 20th Century: Chao Shao-an (1905-1998)’s Arts, their Replicas, and Public Representations


My recent research has been focused on Chinese media with particular attention to journalists working in newspapers and television in Guangzhou. I am also working on the importance of new media and communications technologies including the Internet and telecommunications.

In addition to my interests in media production, my earlier research on Chinese theatre (Cantonese opera in particular) dealt extensively with audiences, practices of appreciation and the production of different kinds of knowledge. Combined with my more recent media research this has also led me to work on practices of consumption, consumerism and popular culture.  I am currently also developing an additional new research project looking at media use among Chinese immigrants in Italy.

My research has raised theoretical issues of knowledge, performance, consumption, governmentality and mediated citizenship. Much of my work on media has also sought to question and complicate dominant stereotypical representations of Chinese media centred around the issue of propaganda and political control.


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  • China
  • Hong Kong


Authored Books

Latham, Kevin (2007) Pop Culture China! Media, Arts and Lifestyle. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-Clio.


Latham, Kevin (2016) 'Western China, Popular Culture, and the Ambiguous Centrality of the Periphery'. Occasion, (10), pp 1-16.

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Latham, Kevin (2004) 'Channel specialisation viewed from the perspective or provincial level television [in China]. (cong shengji dianshi kan pindao zhuanyehua)'. South China Television Journal, (vol. I), pp 43-47.

Latham, Kevin (2000) 'Nothing but the Truth: News Media, Power and Hegemony in South China'. The China Quarterly, (no. 16), pp 633-654.

Latham, Kevin (2000) 'Consuming Fantasies: Mediated Stardom in Hong Kong Cantonese Opera and Cinema'. Modern China, (26, no), pp 309-347.

Edited Books or Journals

Martinez, Dolores and Latham, Kevin, (eds.), (2010) Documenting the Beijing Olympics. London: Routledge. (Sport in the Global Society – Contemporary Perspectives).

Latham, Kevin and Thompson, Stuart and Klein, Jakob A., (eds.), (2006) Consuming China: approaches to cultural change in contemporary China. London; New York: Routledge.

Book Chapters

Latham, Kevin (2016) 'Differentiating Cynicisms: Irony, cynicism and new media in contemporary China'. In: Steinmüller, Hans and Brandtstädter, Susanne, (eds.), Irony, Cynicism and the Chinese State. London: Routledge, pp 155-173.

Latham, Kevin (2015) 'Media and discourses of Chinese integration in Prato, Italy'. In: Baldassar, Loretta and Johanson, Graeme and McAuliffe, Narelle and Bressan, Massimo, (eds.), Chinese Migration to Europe: Prato, Italy and Beyond.. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 139-158.

Wu, Bin and Latham, Kevin (2014) 'Migration from China to the EU: The Challenge within Europe'. In: Brown, Kerry, (ed.), China and the EU in Context: Insights for Business and Investors. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 303-327.

Latham, Kevin (2013) 'New Media and Subjectivity in China: Problematizing the Public Sphere'. Towards a New Development Paradigm in Twenty-First Century China. Oxon; New York: Routledge, pp 203-217.

Latham, Kevin (2012) 'Unimagined China: Media, Technologies and the Fragmentation of National Olympic Audiences'. In: Mangan, James A. and Luo, Qing and Collins, Sandra, (eds.), The Triple Asian Olympics Asia Ascendant : Media, Politics, Geopolitics. New York: Routledge.

Latham, Kevin (2012) 'Consumption and Leisure'. Handbook of Contemporary China. New Jersey: World Scientific, pp 437-454.

Latham, Kevin (2009) 'Media and the Limits of Cynicism in Postsocialist China'. In: West, Harry G. and Raman, Parvathi, (eds.), Enduring Socialism: Explorations of Revolution and Transformation, Restoration and Continuation. New York: Berghahn Books.

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Latham, Kevin (2006) 'Powers of Imagination: The Role of the Consumer in China's Silent Media Revolution'. In: Latham, K. and Thompson, S. and Klein, J., (eds.), Consuming China. Approaches to Cultural Change in Contemporary China.. London: Routledge, pp 82-103.

Latham, Kevin (2002) 'Rethinking Chinese Consumption: Social Palliatives and the Rhetorics of Transition in Postsocialist China'. In: Hann, C.M., (ed.), Postsocialism. Ideals, Ideologies and Practices in Eurasia. London; New York: Routledge, pp 217-237.


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