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BA (Oxon); MSc, PhD (LSE); MMus (Bath Spa); SFHEA
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Zoë Marriage
Department of Development Studies

Professor of Security and International Development

Centre on Conflict, Rights and Justice


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Professor Zoë Marriage
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All my research has at its core the enquiry into how conflict, security and development interact. I started off working on the question of who receives humanitarian assistance in contexts of conflict and why, carrying out research in Sierra Leone, Rwanda, the area that is now South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I published that research as a book called “Not Breaking the Rules, Not Playing the Game” in 2006, drawing on my PhD thesis. I then turned to research more intensely in DR Congo, investigating the different ways in which Congolese people conceptualise and pursue security in situations of unremitting structural and direct violence. This research led to the publication of my second book “Formal Peace and Informal War” in 2013.

A central observation of this work was that the voices of people who suffer most acutely from insecurity are routinely barred from formal security debates and policy. I started to dig into research questions about other narratives – distinct from the mainstream – and how they present perspectives on, and resist, violence and conflict and construct different paths to security. A taste of this research is given by my blog on Capoeira and Security, and the work led to a book, “Cultural Resistance and Security from Below”, published in 2019, and that investigates how resistance is communicated through the Afro-Brazilian musical and physical art form of capoeira.

Prior to taking up post as Head of Department I spent several happy years convening the MSc Violence, Conflict and Development. News of the programme and related teaching and research activities can be found on my VCD-SOAS blog and through my twitter account VCDatSOAS.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Cate Inverso, From War to Peace as Conflict goes on: Reinventing the state or ignoring it? Assessing the activities of armed groups and informal cross border trade networks in the borderlands between DRC, Uganda and South Sudan (working title)
  • Hisae Kato, Sociology of work in conflict-affected communities: Labour, gender and violence in El-Rahad, Sudan
  • Lord Aikins Adusei, An Island of Peace in an ocean of turbulence: Understanding the sources of Ghana’s stability and limited economic progress
  • Nina Salsotto Cassina, Documenting resistance movements in the DRC: sites, forms and explanations (working title)
  • Ponsiano Bimeny, Constructions of the State, Violence and Political Settlement in South Sudan


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Authored Books

Marriage, Zoe (2019) Cultural Resistance and Security from Below: Power and Escape through Capoeira. Abingdon: Routledge.

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Book Chapters

Marriage, Zoe (2016) 'Conflict and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa'. In: Hooks, Gregory, (ed.), Sociology of Development Handbook. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

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Marriage, Zoe (2009) 'Children and War'. In: Hindman, Hugh D, (ed.), The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, Inc..

Monographs and Working Papers

Marriage, Zoe (2012) La violence du pouvoir, l'exclusion des civils et le M23. Open Democracy/ Open Security.

Marriage, Zoe (2012) Violent power, civilian exclusion and the M23. Open Democracy.

Marriage, Zoe (2008) Reading Wars Actively. London: African Arguments.

Marriage, Zoe (2007) Dialogues No.3: Fragile States. London: Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Conference Items

Marriage, Zoe (2007) 'From national security to human security — less of the same in Congo?' In: From Conflict to Regional Stability – Linking Security and Development, 5-7 November 2007, Madrid.

Book Reviews

Marriage, Zoe (2012) 'Review of: Intervention as Indirect Rule: Civil War and Statebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo'. Civil Wars, (14) 2, pp 289-291.

Marriage, Zoe (2011) 'Review of: Human Security and Non-Citizens: Law, Policy and International Affairs. Edited by Alice Edwards and Carla Ferstman'. Journal of Refugee Studies, (24) 2, pp 425-427.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Marriage, Zoe (2020) Cultural Resistance and Security from Below. Power and escape through capoeira (vlog).

Marriage, Zoe (2019) Plunder and Resistance in the Congo.

Marriage, Zoe (2018) The pretend guns of realism and the reality of resistance.


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