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Mr Scott Newton

BA(Berkeley) JD MPA(Harvard)
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Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Antonia Mulvey, International Justice: Solution or Obstacles to Peace in Housing, Land and Property Conflicts
  • Bakhtiyor Abdulhamidov,
  • Manar Idriss , Working Title: The Responsibility to Protect: A critical look at the international community’s response to Sudan’s conflicts


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Available for
Regional Expertise
  • East Asia
  • Africa
Country Expertise
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan


Authored Books

Newton, Scott (2017) The Constitutional Systems of the Independent Central Asian States: A Contextual Analysis. London: Bloomsbury.

Newton, Scott (2014) Law and the Making of the Soviet World: the Red Demiurge. Abingdon; New York, NY: Routledge.


Newton, Scott (2007) 'Law and Power in Rwanda in the Shadow of the Genocide'. Journal of Comparative Law, (2) 1, pp 151-171.

Newton, Scott (2006) 'Constitutionalism and Imperialism sub specie Spinozae'. Law and Critique, (17) 3, pp 325-355.

Newton, Scott (2000) 'The Political Institutions of Tajikistan in the Wake of the General Agreement and the National Reconciliation Commission'. SOAS Working Papers.

Newton, Scott (2000) 'Transplantation and Transition: Legality and Legitimacy in Kazakhstani Legislative Process'. SOAS Working Paper.

Book Chapters

Newton, Scott (2021) 'Microcosm: Soviet Constitutional Internationality'. In: Greenman, Kathryn and Orford, Anne and Saunders, Anna and Tzouvala, Ntina, (eds.), Revolutions in International Law: The Legacies of 1917.. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 134-155.

Newton, Scott (2019) 'Parallel Worlds: Cold War Division Space'. In: Craven, Matthew and Pahuja, Sundhya and Simpson, Gerry and Saunders, Anna, (eds.), International Law and the Cold War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 117-136.

Newton, Scott (2019) 'Plus ça change . . . the riddle of all Central Asian constitutions'. In: Alviar Garcia, Helena and Frankenberg, Günter, (eds.), Authoritarian Constitutionalism : Comparative Analysis and Critique. Cheltenham: Elgar, pp 209-239.

Newton, Scott (2010) 'Postwar to New World Order and Post-Socialist Transition: 1989 as Pseudo-Event'. In: Johns, Fleur and Joyce, Richard and Pahuja, Sundhya, (eds.), Events: The Force of International Law. Abingdon; New York: Routledge.

Newton, Scott (2008) 'Law and Development, Law and Economics, and the Fate of Legal Technical Assistance'. In: Otto, Jan-Michiel and Ryan, Danny, (eds.), Lawmaking for Development: Explorations into the Theory and Practice of International Legislative Projects. Leiden University Press: Leiden, pp 23-52.

Newton, Scott (2006) 'The Dialectics of Law and Development'. In: Trubek, D. M. and Santos, Alvaro, (eds.), The New Law and Economic Development: a Critical Appraisal. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 174-202.

Newton, Scott (2003) 'Transplantation and Transition: Legality and Legitimacy in the Kazakhstani Legislative Process'. In: Galligan, D. J. and Kurkchiyan, M., (eds.), Law and Informal Practices: the Post-Communist Experience. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 151-170.

Newton, Scott (2003) 'Post-Communist Legal Form: the Elision of the Political'. In: Perry-Kessaris, Amanda and Hatchard, John, (eds.), Law and Development: Facing Complexity in the 21st Century: Essays in honour of Peter Slinn. London: Cavendish Publishing.

Zoir, Rahmatillo and Newton, Scott (2001) 'Constitutional and legislative reform'. In: Abdullaev, Kamoludin and Barnes, Catherine, (eds.), Constitutional Resources: Accord Issue 10. London: Constitutional Resources, pp 54-59.


Batabyal, Somnath and Newton, Scott (2022) 'Making Sense with Scott Newton'.


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