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Professor Irina Nikolaeva

MA, Candidate (Moscow), PhD (Leiden)
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Programmes Convened
PhD Students supervised
  • Elia Dal Corso, Ainu Evidentiality: A semantico-pragmatic analysis and a morphosyntactic account
  • Francisca Everduim, Morphosyntactic Variation in Bantu
  • Jon Archer, Information Structure in Muwé-ke, Nepal
  • Mohammed Alluhaybi,
  • Nadia Christopher, Aspects of Information Structure in Kazakh - the Dynamic Syntax Approach
  • Wen Wang, A Corpus-based Study of Subjunctivity in Shanghainese (as evidenced in the missionary linguistic and translation works on/in vernacular Shanghainese in the period 1843-1950)


Irina Nikolaeva’s research interests are linguistic typology, syntax, morphology, information structure and non-transformational theories of grammar. She has also worked on the documentation and description of endangered Uralic, Altaic and Palaeosiberian languages.


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Authored Books

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Edited Books or Journals

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Book Chapters

Nikolaeva, Irina and Barany, Andras and Bond, Oliver (2019) 'Towards a typology of prominent internal possessors'. In: Barany, Andras and Bond, Oliver and Nikolaeva, Irina, (eds.), Prominent Internal Possessors. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp 1-38.

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Book Reviews

Nikolaeva, Irina (2005) '[review article of:] Elena Maslova "A grammar of Kolyma Yukaghir".'. Linguistic Typology, (9) 2, pp 299 -325.


Nikolaeva, Irina and Garrett, Edward (2015) 'The endangered languages and cultures of Siberia'.

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Matić, Dejan and Nikolaeva, Irina (2014) 'Focus feature percolation: Evidence from Tundra Nenets and Tundra Yukaghir'.

Merin, Arthur and Nikolaeva, Irina (2008) 'Exclamative as a Universal Speech Act Category: a case study in Decision-Theoretic Semantics and typological implications'.


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